Happy to take part in this new book published by the great Counter Print.
Three of my logos have been featured : Ambassade des Arts / Maison Sandro / Fantastic Villa Marzipan.

The logo designs within this new book are grouped under category headings chosen for their heraldic connotations.
The categories included are shields, crests, stamps, seals, laurels, flags and crowns – considered to be the most popular in contemporary heraldic designs.

You can grab a copy at

The Design Kids

> I gave a new interview to the great TDK ! If you’re curious: read it 🙂

And do not hesitate to tell me what do you think about it ! 🤓


Happy about this CLUB DES DA award in categories  » Graphic design, Publishing & Typography » for our AFTER PARTY book !


Constance Gennari, the founder of The Socialite Family, came for a visit at Ed banger HQ in the 18th arrondissement of Paris.

We had a nice talk about the book. You can see and read everything here !