After Party by François Prost shows a hundreds of french and belgian night clubs frontage, shot in daylight.
Those nightclubs, still in activity, show themselves in a new light : neon and other sulfurous attributes
from the nocturnal ambiance are replaced by a more standard and less glittery reality.
As Cinderella getting back to reality, those places of celebration, idealized by many teenagers, become void.
Not without humour and with a hint of nostalgia, the serie wants also to pay tribute to the sometimes
overdecorated designs and visual codes claimed by those places.

Thank you Pedro Winter / Headbanger Publishing

🔵 Book awarded at Club des DA 2019

Art Direction – Book design – Print design


Design in collaboration with François Prost
Typography: Sharp type
Printing: Kopa

Available at Club75 and all good bookstores
Distribution: Interart

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