A very interesting read here about a new trend in branding, thanks WSJ magazine.


I’m happy to present eau oh ! a new book for children from 1 to 100 years 🙂

The idea is a picture book on the thematic of homophones,
the words which are pronounced the same but which do not mean the same thing.

French only 😮 ( but it also works to learn our beautiful weird difficult language! )

25€ + shipping / DM on instagram or e-mail me if interested


I’m happy to start a new collaboration with my dear friend François Prost !

Gentlemen’s Club presents a photography collection of American Stripclub and Nightclub facade taken by day.
Being conceived as a continuation of AFTER PARTY project, the entire serie is made of more than 200 images.
All Pictures were shot during  a roadtrip between Miami and Los Angeles in March/April 2019.

If you want to pre-order the book or just support the project, here is the Kickstarter


The Tokyo-based illustrator has found her signature stride in the perfect simplicity of one wavy line. This is beautiful !