This month I had the chance to visit the new Yves Saint Laurent museum in Marrekech, designed by the brilliant Studio KO.

The outside of the building is intended to evoke the “weft and warp of fabric” while the interior is designed to evoke the lining of a couture jacket, “velvety, smooth and radiant.”


My never ending passion for .gif is a daily hunting

Some of my recent favorites !


I love this beautiful minimalist design of a cup

Available on OTHR


The choice of paper for a printed medium forms an integral part of the design work.
This has to make sense between the object in relation to its content.

I am particularly interested in the amplitude of the range of papers proposed by GF SMITH


To print the SANDRO guidebook we decided to work on a cover with the DAPPLE embossing which echoes the texture of the fabrics used
and translates the premium aspect of the brand.


Also for the opening and closing of the book we chose a Transclear Crystal paper that refers to the marble used in the shops.