Always hard to find a good balance !


This is a lovely poetic concept ! Especially this year, we spent lot’s of time at home, I like the idea to travel through the screen.


Paula Scher, famous designer from the unforgettable Pentagram studio, shares the most common mistakes she sees designers make on branding projects.

It’s always good to listen masters advices.


« The essence of papermaking remains relatively unchanged since its development thousands of years ago. Pulp, or wet plant matter, is mashed and beaten until the long strands of fiber begin to separate. The pulp is run through a mesh, on top of which the fibers weave together to form a natural tapestry. This sheet of wet pulp is couched, or pressed off against another surface, where it is left to dry, usually under some combination of heat and pressure. »

> Interesting full (hi)story here

WASARA is elegant yet sustainable, compostable tableware from Japan.

This is beautiful !


Since the beginning of the lockdown, I have seen some great ideas coming from creatives around the world.

Here are 2 nice ones :

1. The french fashion brand ETUDES, has created a special shop called YES FUTURE with great photographies taken by well-known and unknown talented photographers.
( Camille Vivier, Audrey Corregan, Ana Kras, Charles Nègre, Estelle Hanania, Image Group, Jonas Lindstroem… )
All proceeds to foundation against COVID-19 👏

2. Some special posters tribute to NHS have been created by London studios : Koto, Pentagram, Two times Elliott.
They appear in a new charitable set of Layers mock-ups, which designers can buy to demonstrate their projects, with 100% of sales donated to NHS Charities together. 👏


Some interesting things to do everyday during the lockdown !
… and beautifully designed 🙂