> My first interview published on the Chinese social media : WeChat

Some extracts :

What type of person are you in the creative field? Where do you get creative inspirations?

My personal approach to graphic creation could be defined by: strong impact, colorful, with meaning and a particular sensibility for typography. My inspirations are quite various, through books, magazines, travel and internet. Many things inspire me in the graphic design from England, Denmark, USA and Australia.

What is the biggest difficulty you encountered when working?

There is more pleasure than difficulty luckily! One difficulty would be to find the right way to explain the context, the references, the approach and the consistency of the whole of a project to a client who does not know at all this area. This is a difficult but extremely important part because a good project unexplained will have no chance to be approved…

What is your expectation of your career?

I wish to continue to evolve in art direction & graphic design, I would love to get the opportunity to work on food packaging, visual identities for restaurants or hotels and also to create the layout of artist books.

Thank you Emily from Shanghai✌️